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   AP Psychology Summer Assignment

Thank you for enrolling in AP Psychology.  This fast-paced, intensive class covers both the depth and breadth of contemporary psychology and human behavior. The eclectic view of psychology offered in the text will be supplemented with numerous lectures, readings, demonstrations and more in-depth analysis of selected topics. These topics are organized within the framework of five overarching themes: the Biological Basics of Psychology, Learning and Cognition, Development and Personality, Abnormal Psychology and Therapy, and Social Psychology. Students will examine their own thinking and behavior, and are expected to participate conscientiously in discussions. This class is designed for responsible, motivated college-bound students. As such, students are expected to supplement their own learning outside of class via additional readings, projects, and group study sessions.


Your summer homework is as follows:

    A.  Read and take notes on the following passages on Psychology as a Science:
      1.  The Need for Psychological Science   4.  Experimentation
      2.  Description   5.  Statistical Reasoning
      3.  Correlation   6.  FAQ About Psychology
    B.  Prepare for a full length "AP Style" Psychology as Science Exam on the above materials

The Psychology as a Science Exam will be held the FIRST WEEK of Fall Semester

    Other considerations:
  • There are no excuses for not being prepared for the exam.  Make-up exams will not be given for those who are not prepared.  If you don't feel comfortable taking an exam during the first week, consider taking a different class!
  • Study guides for all AP Psychology units may be found by:
    • Returning to my main Psychology Page
    • Clicking Study Guides
    • The Psychology as a Science unit study guide is Unit 1
  • Studying is always more fun with friends.
    If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email me (Trey Messner)
Although I will be in and out over the summer, I will respond as quickly as possible.