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Below is a brief list of resources that may help you in your studies.  If you find other useful links, please email me so that I may extend our list.  Also, let me know if there are any inactive links.  Happy researching!  m.


[general reference] [the court system] [constitutional law] [the criminal justice system]


[mock trial] [election resources] [fun stuff]

  General Reference



Your textbook Don't forget this great resource!
  King County Library System Check out the Gale Virtual Reference Library (Database)
  How to Approach a Case Study  
  The Court System


  Federal & Washington State Court Systems Overview of the Court Systems


Federal & State Court Vocabulary Court System Vocabulary
  The Trial Process Steps in the adversary trial process
  Small Claims Court Everything you need to know about small claims


Constitutional Law


  A Brief History of the Bill of Rights Bill of Rights


National Public Radio (NPR) Search: "Supreme Court" or "Nina Totenberg".
Be sure to set the proper date range.


Oyez A multimedia archive devoted to the U.S. Supreme Court


SCOTUSblog Supreme Court Blog
  How to Read a Supreme Court Decision Brief article in the Looking at Law series
  Landmark Cases Historic U.S. Supreme Court rulings
  First Amendment Coalition An award-winning, nonprofit public interest organization dedicated to advancing free speech, more open and accountable government, and public participation in civic affairs
  First Amendment Center Comprehensive research coverage of key 1st Amendment issues, daily 1st Amendment news, commentary & analyses by legal specialists, & a 1st Amendment Library of legal cases & related materials
  The Criminal Justice System


  Revised Code of Washington (RCW) Compilation of all laws now in force
  Criminal Justice Process Sequence of events


Washington State Sentencing Guidelines Download the Adult Felony Sentencing Manual .pdf file & look for Sentencing Grid D under Section 4


Live chart: Federal prisons The soaring prison population


Juvenile Justice Guide Know your rights videos


DUI Test  
  Mock Trial Notes
  Official Mock Trial Cases OFFICIAL MOCK TRIAL CASES
    - Mock Trial Roles  


Mock Trial Project Expectations  


Mock Trial Role Responsibilities  


The Trial Process Steps in the adversary trial process


Opening Statements Links to YouTube


Mock Trial Student Attachments Includes rules of evidence


Trial Objections Common trial objections with quiz


Closing Statements Links to YouTube


Trial Rehearsal Procedures  


Trial Civil Jury Instructions For the judge, jury, Mr. Messner


Trial Criminal Jury Instructions For the judge, jury, Mr. Messner


Trial Performance Rubric For the judge, jury, Mr. Messner


Trial Performance Comments For the judge, jury, Mr. Messner
  Trial Reflection Complete after the trial
  Confidential Peer Evaluation Will be kept confidential
  Election Resources Notes
  Ballotpedia An interactive almanac of state politics
  Voting for Judges A nonpartisan, impartial source of information about judicial elections in the state of Washington
  The Stranger Search "Endorsements" for elections picks
  The Seattle Times Search "Endorsements" for elections picks
  Washington State Mock Election Oct 29 - Nov 2, 2012
  Washington State Secretary of State Elections & voting guide
  Fun Stuff Notes
  Newseum Newspaper Headlines from Around the World